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In Akshaya Bala Kuteera, children learn a variety of skills, including letter and number recognition, basic reading and writing, social skills, and basic problem-solving. They also learn to follow routines and rules, and develop independence and self-confidence.
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Akshaya Bala Kuteera


Take care of child, goal of preschool tribe

Starting a Akshaya Bala Kuteera can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. It requires careful planning and preparation to create an environment that is conducive to learning and development for young children. The first step is to research the local area to understand the demand for kindergarten education and to identify any gaps in the market.
Once a suitable location has been identified, it is important to develop a curriculum that aligns with local educational standards and promotes the development of key skills and competencies in young children. Hiring experienced and qualified teachers is also crucial to ensure that children receive the best possible education. Creating a welcoming and safe environment, with appropriate facilities and resources, is also essential to support the learning and development of young children.

General Science

General science concepts can be introduced through hands-on activities and simple experiments that engage their senses and spark their curiosity.


It is a fun and engaging way for young children to learn about rhythm, melody, and other musical elements.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are essential for kindergarten children as they provide opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction, and exploration of the natural world.

Akshaya Bala Kuteera

Our Value

Better Future through Play

Values that shape a child’s character and behavior. These values include empathy, kindness, respect, responsibility, and cooperation. Kindergarten teachers help children develop a sense of community by fostering positive relationships and encouraging children to appreciate diversity and individual differences.
To provide everlasting education with Indian values at the safe and easily adoptable environment for the future of society. Our team focus on providing age appropriate activities and qualitative hands on experiences to develop cognitive, socioemotional and physical development in toddlers.
Each individual has his/her own potential on different skills. Our motto is finding that potential and encourage the same at the most apt path through multiple activities. As we provide individual care, toddlers get equal learning opportunity to understand the concept. Visit us and enrol with us at the earliest.